Who we are

Fearless, effortless, distinct, the luxury jewelry you live in.

Your personal style stays with you, always. Go-to jeans, a fresh linen shirt, the scarf that’s become your signature. Your confidence and effortlessness go where you go. So does Zadeh. From beach to black tie, Zadeh’s bold, timeless jewelry is the wear-everywhere expression
 of who you are.

You never stop being you.

Zadeh never stops being your style.

"Jewelry for men who don't wear jewelry"

ZADEH is modern jewelry expressions for men who have a refined sense of style and yearn to find something original and exquisitely fabricated.
Discreet, chic and unconventional, our men's bracelets and pendants are handcrafted mixing unorthodox yet sustainable materials.
Our signature use of parachute cord, paired with buffalo horn and precious metal takes the “precious” out of our precious jewelry.

Simplicity and understated cool is what we stand for.

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The Journal

Inspiration, and exploration. Connect with who we are at Zadeh through our stories, blog posts, style guides, and more. We write for you.