Feature in Hamptons Gardens & Cottages July 15th 2021 

In Spring 2020, when New Yorkers inundated the Hamptons en masse, a slew of savvy businesses followed the money trail. Galleries and auction houses such as Pace, Hauser & Wirth, Van De Weghe, and Sotheby's opened satellites, and luxury retailers like Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue launched same day delivery service to the East end. But it wasn't just well stablished brand companies that seized the opportunity to cater to a new breed of year rounders. Consider Southampton's ZADEH, where proprietor Catherine Zadeh showcases her collection of pendants, bracelets rings and belts. "The timing felt right" the jewelry designer says of her brick and mortar atelier, which she launched just before Thanksgiving ( She also maintain pop ups in Palm Beach and Aspen). " I could see a growing population here, and a shop allows for more eyes on my work".- Jean Nayar

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