How to measure your wrist

Print this page and use this ruler to measure your wrist. Print on 11x8.5 page, US Letter size paper, with a scale at 100%.  Make sure to deselect “Fit To Page“. Cut along the sides of the ruler and wrap it so that it is snug around your wrist. Enter your wrist measurement in inches when placing your order. Please do not add any slack. We will do this on our end, as certain styles will require more slack than others.

How to open and close your buffalo horn bracelet

How to adjust your cord bracelet

How we wear our pendants - The Pulley System

Each ZADEH piece radiates an inner beauty. Our pendants, paired with parachute cord, provide understated elegance to a clean, simply chic aesthetic.
Every person has a unique body shape and build. A woman’s décolletage, the space meant to be adorned by Zadeh pendants, can have many forms - curvy or flat, short or lengthy. Our parachute cord pulley system offers the adjustability needed to accent each woman as beautifully as possible.
For example, a woman with a tall, willowy build can lengthen the parachute cord on a ZADEH pendant so that it falls perfectly on her chest, not too high up. A woman with a more compact frame can adjust the pulley to sit higher up, accentuating the proper part of her chest. Ultimate comfort, effortless chic.
In addition to ensuring a perfect fit, the pulley system allows for a versatile aesthetic - wear one end longer than the other, and switch them around the next day. Make ZADEH entirely your own, and never take it off.

How to wear the San Remo

How to wear the Cayenne

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