Cufflinks are a utilitarian accessory. They were created with the simple yet vital function of - you guessed it - securing sleeve cuffs. Between the 1600s and the 1900s, cufflinks evolved from lace ties, to ornately jeweled buttons, to minuscule artistic masterpieces painted on the underside of glass. Within an overall look of formality, cuff links were a small way for the wearer to express creativity and style. In the 1990s, the French cuff shirt reappeared in fashion circles, and after lying dormant for decades, cuff links came back into style. Fashion houses like Gucci and Paul Smith began expanding their cuff link offerings, and soon cuff links were adorning fashionable wrists around the globe. Having begun designing jewelry and accessories for men over twenty years ago, I forged my own path of cuff link design. Though small in stature, cuff links have the ability to subtly transform and elevate a man’s look. Understated elegance with a quiet edge is what Zadeh stands for, and cuff links became a trademark of the brand’s collections. My introduction to cuff links came after being commissioned by a friend to create a few pairs for him, trusting my eye for unexpected designs. This was my entry to the world of accessories. I deviated from the status quo by using a satin finish with oxidation, creating an informal, relaxed look. Geometric shapes and abstract designs defined my cuff link collection, while I avoided the popular use of representational imagery - animal heads, golf balls, logos, etc. Putting my own unique spin on the mentality and aesthetic of cuff links, I always wanted to see men sporting them casually - imagine jeans, a white shirt, navy blazer, no tie, and a beautiful pair of cuff links. Chic. Unfussy. Comfortable. This is how I envisioned men wearing jewelry. The men who wear Zadeh cuff links are not traditional. They appreciate them as an artful accessory, not a necessity.

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