Did you know that my business started by accident? A friend/client commissioned me to design a few pairs of cufflinks, trusting my aesthetic and my keen eye for unexpected shapes. He asked for unique yet discreet designs, and little did I know that this unusual request would be the launching pad for my career in men's accessories.
As a jewelry designer, it's common to start by designing for women, but I took advantage of this rare opportunity and focused instead on designing a cufflink collection. This decision turned out to be timely, as in the 1990s, French cuff shirts were in vogue in fashion circles, and cufflinks were coming back into style after lying dormant for decades. Fashion houses like Gucci and Paul Smith were expanding their cufflink offerings, and soon cufflinks were adorning fashionable wrists around the globe.
Despite not having a clear understanding of what cufflinks should look like, I intentionally deviated from the status quo and designed a capsule collection made of geometric and abstract shapes, finished in my trademark satin polish. I avoided popular use of representational imagery such as animal heads, golf balls, and logos, and put my own spin on the way cufflinks should be worn. I imagined men sporting them casually with jeans and a navy blazer, a white shirt and no tie - chic, unfussy, and comfortable - not only as a necessity but also as an artful accessory.
My designs were a hit, and I was known as the cufflink "queen" in the men's fashion world for a long time.
However, as men's fashion trends evolved and casual clothing became more popular, men started prioritizing convenience and practicality, using cufflinks only on rare occasions such as black tie events, formal weddings, and other formal occasions.
Despite this, cufflinks still have the ability to subtly transform and elevate a man's look. They are an ornately jeweled button that can express creativity and style within an overall look of formality. At weddings, I often find myself admiring men's cuffs, as cufflinks can speak volumes about the man wearing them.
If you're interested in checking out timeless and discerning designs, take a look at our collection. Our cufflinks are understated, elegant, modern, and have a quiet edge that will make you stand out in any formal occasion.

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