The Stitch

The Stitch cuff bracelet was born from my love for the brand Hermès. The stitch motif is ever present, on their scarves, their saddles, their accessories and bags.
A simple cuff with a polished look, the Stitch has holes where we weave our signature parachute cord through. Every piece is hand made, with a spring hinge that allows you to put it on and off easily. Once the silver is polished, I personally thread the cord, as if I was sewing it. I always select the grey color because it goes with everything and pairs well with many other pieces in our collection.(Custom colors are available.)
It is beautiful when worn by itself... I always say simplicity is underrated.
I also like to pair it with other bracelets, like the Middleton or the San Remo or even the Brandyn.
In a stack of three bracelets, I always place it between a leather and a macrame to differentiate between textures. 

A client once tried it with all the other ZADEH cuffs, such as the Pegasus and the Hugo and the Malo. The four cuffs stacked together made for a spectacular set.

With time, the Stitch cuff slowly looses its high polish finish and captures a matte finish. If you wear it all the time, silver doesn't tarnish.

From the Stitch, we designed the St Tropez. If you pay close attention, the center piece of the St Tropez is a small piece taken from the Stitch, woven with parachute cord. It is a discreet bracelet that stands out next to your watch or with the Cayenne. It is available in 3 shades of gold, rose gold being my favorite. 

(If you want to wear if with your watch, pick the St Tropez in a contrasting shade of gold.) 

As men are putting more thoughts into their accessories, they are opting for jewelry that is at once effortless and stylish yet representative of their individuality. We know these men and understand their active lifestyle. With the Stitch, they can't go wrong: distinct, sculptural and intentional, its timeless design makes them feel good and special. 

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