The San Remo leather bracelet was born during one of my trips in Wellington, immersed in the equestrian realm, surrounded by the majestic presence of horses and the paraphernalia that accompanies their world. Perhaps it was the contour of the fences enclosing the rings, the steadfast stirrups cradling the riders' feet, or the taut leather reins—the amalgamation of these visual impressions became the artistic catalyst for the creation of the San Remo.
The initial version was made in oxidized sterling silver and was distinctly tailored for men, exuding a certain rugged masculinity. A subsequent iteration, crafted from high-polished gold metal, sought to evoke a more refined and precious aesthetic. To elevate its allure, delicate diamonds were introduced, imparting a subtle sparkle when worn as part of a stack.
A client's creative twist revealed the San Remo's versatility, effortlessly transforming it into a chic choker. Placing it in front of her neck, she mused, "How cool would that be?" I readily agreed, offering guidance on sliding the center piece onto the leather and positioning it at the forefront of the neck—a simple yet transformative touch.
In secret, I admit the San Remo is a personal favorite. Its cool, edgy demeanor harmonizes seamlessly with timeless elegance. Worn steadfastly through daily rituals, it endures showers, exercises, and swims. While the leather may bear the subtle marks of time, its fragility is an invitation to renewal—I gladly offer replacements when needed.

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