I see things others can’t see.
When clients enter my world, I am often asked if I ride horses. My jewelry is indeed ambiguously equestrian and my pendants, draped on our signature parachute cord, are a modern take on the traditional equestrian bolo tie. That was not the initial intention but as the saying goes: “Do not resist where the wind takes you."
Several years ago I was still exclusively designing for men and I was quite frustrated by their lack of enthusiasm about wearing bracelets and pendants. Sitting at my kitchen table, I found myself in a bit of a rut and complained to anyone who would listen, how scary it is when you don’t have any creative ideas. Chloe, my second daughter who was studying for her SAT’s, walked by and mocked me: "That’s so easy mom! Just draw. How hard is that?”
I looked at her and I nonchalantly suggested to her to sit by my side and to keep me company. “Why don’t you help me sketch out a few designs…just for fun!
She took pen to paper, but after half an hour, she stood up and said: “Wow! I don’t even know where to start!”
She gathered her papers and went back to her studies, without showing me what she drew.
Later on, when I was saying goodnight, I noticed one simple doodle on her desk and basked: “Chloe, this is amazing!” She turned to me perplexed and said: “What, what do you see?” It was just one simple doodle but I immediately saw a shape that jumped at me, a contour reminiscent of a stirrup, the genesis and cornerstone of an equestrian themed collection.
Little did she know that this basic drawing would bring me to the Hampton’s classic and would be the launch of my women’s collection. She still could not imagine what the design would translate to until I brought her the final piece, the Blake pendant.
The Hampton’s classic was indeed the first pop-up event I did. I only had men’s jewelry, masculine bracelets, pendants and cufflinks but I also made a capsule collection based on the design Chloe had drawn, to test the waters. It blended quite well with the environment and effortlessly fit the lifestyle of the attendees.
Even though the collection was geared toward men, many women stopped by and asked to try on the jewelry. When I responded that the jewelry was mostly for men, they’d say: ”Well, I would still wear it!" Chloe, who was helping me at the booth, turned to me and said: “Mom, just make all the men’s bracelets in women sizes, and turn the cufflinks into pendants!” Just like that, my women’s side of the business was born! I never realized how androgynous my designs were until it was brought to my attention by no other than Chloe!

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