Our iconic unisex Brant bracelet is made of natural fibers, meticulously hand carved from Asian water buffalo horn. Sustainably farm raised for consumption, the horn is collected and repurposed, eliminating waste. Each strand of buffalo horn is intricately sliced, pieced together and molded into the shape of a wrist. It emulates the look of elephant hair without causing needless harm to an endangered animal.

During the manufacturing process, we apply an oil to soften the horn and to give it a rich black luster. With time and through showering, swimming, etc, the oil wears off and the bracelet slowly recaptures the original gray patina of the natural horn.

The creation of a buffalo horn bracelet takes a full week, from start to finish.
Featuring 18k yellow gold clasp and accents, it is chic original and timeless.
This piece is a treasure. Keep it on and cherish it forever.