After adorning equestrians at the Hampton Classic horse show with luxury jewels in years past, Zadeh NY founder Catherine M. Zadeh has given her line a permanent home on the East End. The brand’s new boutique, located on Main Street in Southampton Village, features handcrafted jewels made from a variety of unique and sustainable materials. Exquisite details, including precious metal and gemstones, exotic woods and ethically sourced Asian Buffalo horn, are woven into eye-catching statement pieces including bracelets, earrings, belts, rings and cuff links. A trailblazer with over 25 years of design expertise, Zadeh creates structural and minimalistic pieces, offering gender-neutral styles with a sophisticated twist. Zadeh NY’s daring yet timeless jewels fit right into the chic, effortless aura of beach season in the Hamptons. Nestled in the village’s bustling epicenter, the new retail destination features bright, cheery design motifs that showcase the eclectic line. Stunning photographs of wild horses by Drew Doggett grace the store’s walls, an homage to the brand’s horse show roots. Further equine inspiration comes from Zadeh NY’s Blake pendant, a delicate polished gold charm evoking imagery of a stirrup. Perfect for either attending a summer soiree or spending a day at the shore, Zadeh NY’s jewels symbolize relaxed luxury. 94 Main St., Southampton

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