Who we are

Designer catherine zadeh  picture

We are Zadeh, a woman-founded luxury jewelry brand based in New York City. Our aesthetic is driven by the desire to express bold, structural style through the kind of jewelry you love to live in. Each piece is meant to be worn everywhere, and always—using thoughtful, intentional materials that last for life.

Our brand comes from the heart. Catherine Zadeh’s creative vision and passion for quality and wearability have led Zadeh for over 25 years. She is the soul of Zadeh, embodying the brand aesthetic and bringing it forward to serve the confident, non-conforming individual.

“I design with intention, each piece fueled with integrity and passion.”

Our Story

Catherine Zadeh founded her brand 25 years ago—making her an original pioneer of gender-fluid luxury jewelry. Deeply instilling her sense of style and creativity into each piece, she built an aesthetic that stays with you—in your mind, in your heart, and everywhere you express yourself. Zadeh is the jewelry you love to live in. It was always designed to be.

Today she and her daughter Chloe lead a brand that’s at once bold and effortless, structural and timeless—uniquely perfect for the luxury jewelry customer who craves signature pieces that can be worn universally. The confident, non-conforming individual doesn’t shop for fleeting trend, but rather invests in quality and wearability you can live in.

Zadeh is that bold, structural elegance, that moment of inspiration that pulls you in and gives you confidence. The best parts of who you are, expressed through jewelry you never take off.

Sustainably-Minded Materials

Each Zadeh piece is hand-crafted in New York from luxury metals, precious gemstones, Italian leather, vegetable ivory, parachute cord and reclaimed buffalo horn. Thoughtful, sustainable materials designed to last forever, to be worn always. The natural elements of our jewelry actually improve with time.

Our materials are chosen consciously, as a commitment to what we stand for. Each Zadeh piece will always be a perfect expression of who you are, and a timeless luxury you’ll wear forever.

The Journal

Inspiration, and exploration. Connect with who we are at Zadeh through our stories, blog posts, style guides, and more. We write for you.