Exactly a year ago, a New York artisan helped me repurpose an old sapphire, lost in translation, set in a very boring and expected sort of way. I loved the stone but hated the setting.
Entering his quaint atelier, I came across a rather large piece of dark ebony wood lying around and asked if we could incorporate it into a design.
"Of course...just imagine it and I will carve it."
It is a one of kind piece, of course, because no two sapphires are the same, no two carving strokes are the same...each piece of wood has its own DNA.
That piece was the genesis of the Amate Collection, with the Coco pendant at the heart of it.
[Amate is a type of tree in Mexico.]
The Amate Collection took nine months to develop, inspired by my stay in Mexico, planning my daughter's wedding, Nizuc was one of the most spectacular resorts I have ever visited. In this hotel, the architect, Alejandro Escudero, gave us a heaven on Earth... elegant, Zen like spaces, with exotic woods and polished cement, surrounded by luscious mangroves and a serene ocean.
I love unconventional mediums, organic and exotic materials mixed with precious metals and stones. These were instrumental in designing this collection. The artisan jeweler who fabricates my buffalo horn bracelets suggested carving not only into ebony wood, but also Asian buffalo horn, vegetable ivory, zebra wood...
Incorporating a simple and timeless pyramid shape, inspired by a structure found in the ruins of Tulum, and pairing it with our iconic parachute cord, the Amate Collection was born. The collection features strong, timeless and modern designs, to be worn casually on vacation, in and out of the ocean, with no worries.
Mixed with our other foundational pieces, they exude a nonchalant sense of chic.
Discover the Coco pendant, dedicated to my beautiful and delicious daughter, Chloe.
It will be unveiled in Wellington.

Zadeh New York Amate Collection, inspired by the Nizuc Hotel


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