How to wear & sizing
To ensure a proper fit we recommend measuring the circumference of your wrist on top of your little bone. We will add the slack on our end,as certain styles require more slack than others.
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Kids Below 51/2" Wrist
Women's X- Small: Up to 5 1/2" Wrist
Women's Small: Up to 6" Wrist
Women's Medium: Up to 6 1/2" Wrist
Women's Large: Up to 7" Wrist
Men's X-Small: Up to 6 1/2" Wrist
Men's Small: Up to 7" Wrist
Men's Medium: Up to 7 1/2" Wrist
Men's Large: Up to 8" Wrist
Men's X Large: Up to 8 1/2" Wrist
The Brant buffalo horn bracelet is made of braided horn fibers, inspired by the look of elephant hair. Featuring 18k white gold clasp and accents, it is masculine, strong, effortless.

Brant Braided horn Cuff Bracelet white gold


You are looking at a handcrafted one of a kind cuff bracelet, artisanal in every sense of the word. 

The Brant horn bracelet is designed for the man who doesn't wear jewelry, the ultimate understated luxury bracelet. Adorned with an 18kt white gold clasp, it is handcrafted with horn fibers ethically sourced from South East Asia. Inspired by the look of elephant hair, it is made from sustainable Asian water buffalo horn. This bracelet was originally designed for David Zadeh, Catherine's husband, the ultimate gentleman and her muse. (You are welcome to read about the genesis of the Brant here)

It really takes a long time to make one of these luxury bracelets, three days from start to finish. Only one craftsman knows how to do it, a safe guarded secret he's never shared. Each hair-like strand is hand sliced and intricately braided and pieced together. The braid is then molded into the shape of a wrist. A special oil is applied to keep the fibers supple, giving the horn a black hue. 

You never have to take it off: like wine (and men), it will get better with age. You can wear it in the shower, pool or ocean-and with time, it will develop a unique and beautiful grayish patina. 

If you don't like to stand out but appreciate original designs, this designer men's bracelet is meant for you. Masculine, strong, and effortless, you will be the only one knowing how unique it is. Wearing it will make you feel special, and guess what? You've earned it!

It will still be a great conversational piece...once your friends lay their eyes on it, they will wonder what it's made of. Knowing the story behind it will take their breath away.

Please note: WE LOVE ANIMALS. The horn comes from ethically sourced Asian water buffaloes, sustainably farm raised for consumption. The horn is collected and repurposed, eliminating waste. 

WIDTH 1/2'

To ensure a perfect fit, please measure your wrist tight against your skin and enter the measurement below. See for reference.

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