Remember the saying: “The only jewelry a guy should wear is his watch”? Times, they are definitely changing. Witness most of our Men’s Health cover subjects, who show up for shoots wearing their own collection of bracelets: Orlando Bloom, David Beckham, Stephen Moyer, Josh Holloway, Gerard Butler. The list goes on. Before we lose you: We understand this trend isn’t for everyone. But a lot of cool dudes are starting to stack their wrists. Whether it’s rubber bands, sterling silver on cord, diamond tennis bracelets or a red Kabbalah string, guys expressing themselves with stuff worn round the wrist. “It’s no longer just for rock stars and surfers,” says jewelry designer Catherine Zadeh. “Men of all stripes are experiencing a spring awakening and snapping up bracelets in multiples.” Guys in suits and ties, included. What we were going to say here was “4 Rules to Wear Them Well,” but the truth is, there are no rules. But here are the guidelines we follow, either in real life or when we’re styling shoots for the mag. Size matters If you’re going to wear multiples, keep them on the smaller side. That means nothing too chunky or bulky. If a leather wrist cuff is your thing, let’s leave it at that. Mix materials There’s no right or wrong here. Gold, silver, colored cord, string . . . whatever. The magic is in the mix. Which wrist? We like ‘em on the same wrist you wear your watch. Having both wrists covered feels like overkill. Tell a story Ever find yourself on vacation and can’t settle on the right souvenir? Assuming your “Spoons from Around the World” collection is complete, make it a mission to find a cool jewelry store or a street fair and add the memento to your arm. —Brian Boye Read more at Men's Health

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