Last year, we launched a campaign to raise money for the Dubin Breast Center at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. It was a deeply personal initiative and one of the most important things we have done at Zadeh. We can't stress enough how honored we have been to be a part of their amazing mission.
With your help, through sales of the Wish Bracelet, we donated over $25,000.
The funds helped the Dubin Breast Center launch their inaugural annual Breast Surgery Fellowship.
Dr. Soojin Ahn started July 1st and will train under the Center’s leading breast surgeons, including Elisa Port, MD, FACS, Co-Chair of the Dubin Breast Center and Chief of Breast Surgery at Mount Sinai, through June 30, 2016.


One postdoctoral fellow each year in Breast Surgery at the Dubin Breast Center will gain invaluable experience through a year-long rotation of working side-by-side with our world renowned physicians and scientists who are the very best in their fields. Fellowships are only granted to the most prestigious breast surgery programs throughout the country, and have proven to be optimal training grounds for the next generation of breast surgeons. 
Fellows also have considerable exposure to many disciplines related to patient care unique to the Center, including:

Genetic and Oncofertility Counseling
Integrative Medicine

This multidisciplinary structure equips the inaugural Breast Surgery Fellow with the tools they need to become leaders in breast cancer treatment & research. 

This year, we want to do it again. We want to double our goal. 



100 Mammograms

The Dubin Breast Center was one of the first cancer centers in Manhattan to offer 3D mammography, which is the revolutionary screening and diagnostic breast imaging tool to improve the early detection of breast cancer.

1,110 New Patient Binders

Informative binders help keep patients organized as they navigate the often daunting process of fighting breast cancer.

900 Recovery Bags

Provided to post-op mastectomy patients to ease their recovery.

4 Years of MammoPads

Serve as a cushion between a woman’s breast and the mammography machine. MammoPads provide a bit of ease and comfort for a woman during a mammogram

2/3 of the Yearly Salary for a Full-Time Nutritionist

Registered dietitian is specialized in oncology nutrition and provides individualized nutritional counseling, infusion visits, group or individual walking consultations, and educational programs free of charge to all patients

Yearly Salary for a Full-Time Massage Therapist

The Dubin Center is one of the few facilities in New York offering massage therapy at no cost to patients. Our licensed therapists are specialized in oncology massage and see around 150 patients per month.

2 Years of Yoga Sessions

The Dubin Center offers regular instruction, including relaxation and chair yoga, through its healthy lifestyles programs to help patients with relaxation, stress relief, and pain management.

4 Months of Funding for the Family Psychology Program

Comprehensive psychotherapy to breast cancer patients, survivors, and their families with a staff of two full-time clinical psychologists specializing in breast cancer.

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