I will do it myself!


I actually like to share stories about my failures because I have come to realize ( in hindsight of course…) that they have fueled me.

After being inducted as a member to the CFDA, a rare feat I have been told ( i had applied once before and was rejected…), i thought the natural thing to do was to apply to the CFDA Vogue Fashion and The cadillac Retail Lab. The prestige, the mentorship, the money, the media exposure would have been instrumental in the growth of my brand.

So I made a video as it was required, to introduce my brand and explain why I would be a good candidate. I have always dreamed of opening bright, chic and intimate boutiques in destination resorts such as St. Barts, Aspen, St. Tropez, and Palm Beach, places where my patrons vacation to. I had a clear vision, but I needed help, a strategic partner…

Well, unfortunately I did not make it to the next round, and the video was a waste.

I hate wasting.

So I decided to revise it. My story is my story…but I just changed the ending.

Being rejected is again igniting this fire in me: ”how can you not see what I see?” I feel indignant, a pang of anger in my belly…

So being rejected one more time would not kill me…I have learned to say: i’ll show you! That helps me focus and gives me the energy to proceed.

The title of the video was: “Zadeh, a woman with ambition”. Now I call it “Zadeh, a woman with a dream”. If you wish to see it just click below.

And If you know anyone who has the experience and same desire to build a brand, send them my way. I have learned that a personal recommendation goes a long way… The foundation is there and is solid….Zadeh is a diamond in the rough…you just have to know how to polish it and let all its angles shine through.

As you know, The art of the Zadeh retail experience is that we don’t sell, we share. I invite you to share this journey with me. If you read this, it is that you are a part of my life and somehow you know a little about me. What I wish, is to learn more about you and help you achieve a level of sophistication and cool chic you don’t even know is within you. Should we call it therapy with jewelry? Welcome to my world and thank you for helping spread my designs in your world.

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