Wearing white denims has become some sort of a trademark since my first January 2015 visit to Pitti Uomo in Florence. While exhibiting my men's jewelry at the famed menswear show, I experienced the many sartorially inclined men wearing them, but meeting famed Alessandro Squarzi was revelatory.
I've always loved menswear, the luxurious fabrics, the neutral tones, the straight lines and cuts and if I’m honest, I've always been a tomboy, founding wearing skirts and dresses a bit restrictive. A loose crisp white shirt with a pair of pants is what gives me peace. It's comfortable, easy to sport and gives me freedom in my movements.
l loved the way Alessandro wore his white denims with a subtle grey cashmere turtleneck and brown suede boots or his jean shirt layered with a biker leather jacket. Soft and textured materials were effortlessly mixed, exuding a chic and distinct look.
My main aim with clothing has always been to look well dressed without standing out, letting the clothes be a backdrop or a canvas on which to lay my jewelry.

Brant bracelet on white jeans
I always choose elements that can be mixed and matched, that feels most comfortable and makes it easy to get dressed in the morning. White jeans are easy, versatile and more everyday. White goes with everything: every color of jacket, every color of coat. They manage to be both elegant and striking - something subtle and chic, yet unusual and characterful. They can be worn just as easily in winter as summer: the key is not heat, but sun. White jeans won't look out of place if the weather is bright enough.

Striped T-Shirt with white jeans
I think that a lot of what people think of as "style" is about the associations we make with clothes - the people, the places, ages, attitudes. And if any piece of clothing feels risky in that way, it’s a white pair of jeans in the middle of winter. I understand...I remember when someone looked at me and said: "How are you wearing white jeans after labor Day?" Trying too hard or trying a look you're not comfortable with is a style-killer generally, but with white jeans, you can be yourself, casual and chic, and time, places or age won't have any impact on your style.

Try it...

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