Earth. Water. Air. Fire. There is implacable power found in the natural elements of our world. They have the ability to create and destroy, change forms on a whim, and can be at once gentle and entirely unforgiving.
The supporting cast of materials often used in fine jewelry can be incredibly delicate, meaning they cannot withstand water, sweat, or the rigors of day-to-day wear. Chains, cords stones, and metal can react to the compounds in the air and in water, over time changing their finish and wearing them down.
We sought to defy this trend. Designs by Zadeh work in harmony with the elements. We aren’t afraid to use and wear our jewelry. The more well-used they are, the more beautiful they become.
“The reason I like to put jewelry on parachute cord is because of its visual qualities: it’s understated and humble,” says Catherine. “It allows other elements of the design to shine. There is a perfect French word to describe it: sobre. Meaning wearable, refined, simple.”
The water resistance and strength of parachute cord was an added bonus to its beautiful aesthetic. You can swim and shower with parachute cord. It won’t fray. The color won’t fade. As you can guess from the name, parachute cord was originally created for the suspension lines of parachutes - an application where durability and strength are of the utmost importance. Whether in the air or in water, the elements are no match for parachute cord.
The fibers of buffalo horn, our signature material, are painstakingly hand-sliced, meticulously pieced together by hand, and start with a rich black luster. With wear, showering, swimming, etc, the oil wears off and slowly develops a gray patina. The look is unconventional, and entirely Zadeh.
Vegetable ivory is another rugged yet refined material, used in our Coco Pendants. Derived from the nuts of certain palm trees, vegetable ivory has a striking similarity to elephant ivory, yet is fully sustainable and doesn’t cause any harm to animals. Vegetable ivory is naturally waterproof, meaning you can wear it confidently and without worry, always.
Zadeh pieces are meant to be worn all the time - swimming, yachting, even showering. Catherine designs her pieces to be effortlessly chic, with an emphasis on effortless. You live with Zadeh, breathe with it. You don’t worry about it. Zadeh jewelry is not to be bought and then locked up in a safe. Through every water-based activity - snorkeling, sailing, surfing - Zadeh jewelry should be taken with you. Instead of being diminished by the elements, they are enhanced by them. The more you wear Zadeh, the more beautiful it becomes.

Our mantra didn’t come about by chance: never take it off. We mean it.

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