6 years ago, I met Alessandro Squarzi in Uruguay, in a charming little town called Jose Ignacio.
We were staying at the same hotel and somehow, he casually initiated conversation over breakfast. His English wasn't perfect, but he made up for it with his natural charm and innate style.
Breakfast chatter soon became bracelet chatter, and I persuaded him to try on David’s stack. The world of Instagram was just starting and he mentioned that he was an “influencer”, a word quite foreign to me at the time.
My daughter, Sophie, jumped on the opportunity for us to collaborate. One thing led to another, and soon enough we were selected for a coveted booth at Pitti Uomo, a menswear trade show, during Italian Fashion week.
Allesandro has since become a dear friend, but also my inspiration for the Cayenne bracelet. 

He was wearing a sailor’s bracelet, a version made with a cotton cord and a neutral hue. I thought this could be the perfect bracelet for the man who doesn’t wear jewelry yet but is looking for something subtle that makes a statement. I developed the grey cayenne with white side details for the understated man. For the bolder and more adventurous man, I could play with a whole range of colors and let my creativity take over. I put together a few different combinations that would each add its own pop or “spice” to your wrist. Thus the name “Cayenne.” 

Each Cayenne bracelet is handmade in New York City, by Hilda and her team of "petite mains”. Each bracelet is delicately handwoven with parachute cord and three distinct knots tied all around in a different color. The cord is incredibly strong, sustainable and waterproof so it never has to come off. 

I know my clients and I understand their desire to wear something they never have to think about. They are busy and low maintenance, in the best way. So with the Cayenne, you can bring happiness to yourself and your stack. You are welcome!

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