I am the proud mother of three sensational young women. I marvel at how they’ve blossomed into such unique creatures who share so many of my core values between them.

With all of their accomplishments - degrees from the University of Pennsylvania, fulfilling relationships, personal and professional adventures aplenty - what I am most proud of in each of my girls is their spirit. What makes them who they are, how they behave, the inner strength they exude.

They are are a study in contradictions. They are at once strong, but soft. Confident, but humble. Outspoken, but attentive listeners. They are my most stylish ambassadors because of their beauty and integrity as people.

I never spoke about or promoted brands to my daughters growing up, because I myself never cared for them. They would come to me asking what a Celine bag or Chanel shoes were, having heard their peers discussing them, but I never played into the importance of labels and brand name-dropping. It is my belief that style comes from within. Your attitude, your behavior, the way you treat others. How smart you are. These are the intangible things that I value, and I instilled these principles in my girls from day one.

Siri, our new Zadeh Ambassador, put me to the test with this. She contacted each of my daughters, posing the question: “how did your mother and her jewelry influence you growing up?” Fortunately, I wasn’t surprised by their answers.

Chloe: “My mother taught me to always stand up for myself, and to be the life of the party without appearing obnoxious. She taught me what it means to work hard and be resourceful, and that nothing in life comes easy.”

Celine: “My mom's jewelry was always an extension of her style. She dresses extremely simply, but very chic. She dresses like a tomboy while still looking feminine and classy. I think at the end of the day though it always came down to attitude. You’d always look great if you were confident and weren’t looking to others for validation or approval. No one looks good if they don’t feel good.

Sophie: “Growing up, I didn't have much of an eye for clothes or fashion. In fact, I thought my mom was a little too masculine. She had these badass Jill Sander boots that we used to all make fun of. Fast forward 15 years - of course those are now my favorite boots, I wear them every day. I think the most important thing I learned from my mom about style is that it's innate. Sadly I don't think I was born with it, but I know she was, so I can just copy her and fake it.”

What ties my girls together are their values first, and their jewelry second. They are the embodiment of internal beauty translated into external beauty. Sophie, Chloe, Celine - you are my greatest supporters, ma raison d’être. 



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