Never has there been greater expectancy in the wait for a new beginning.
Never, as in this past year, have we lived the reality of our weakness and impotence towards the Infinite.
We thought ourselves strong and invincible, thanks to our discoveries, almost one step close to immortality
Genetics, science, technology, medicine gave us the illusion that we were there
And instead we learnt that we still have a lot to learn
That progress cannot leave behind the Earth and the People – Creation
That fundamental values cannot be ignored
We took all the possible shortcuts, exploited technology, progress and knowledge in an irresponsible fashion, on a high from the infinite possibilities they offered
We exploited rather than cultivate
For too long – Jews and non alike, we took for granted that Teshuvà (or confession or repentance, call it what you may) was just a symbolic procedure, to be enacted bureaucratically once a year.
But then, just as the sun cycle, from the east rose the signals that we needed to take a step back
The terrifying fires in Australia and the mysterious virus in Wuhan were the dawn of the Deluge that inexorably spread throughout the world. Unstoppable and unexplainable to the human mind.
We found ourselves naked, scared, ignorant and barricaded without any solution
We saw people dying without any comfort, any explanation
The whole planet stopped.
And those who rose were the just, the courageous, people of valor. Common people that took to heart the responsibility with sacrificial devotion. While the powerful stood lying and hiding.
We stood close to our dearest and true things and today we can see the first glimpse of brightness of the rise of a new dawn
In these days of both repentance and celebration of the renewal of the miracle of the Earth we have the opportunity to find in ourselves the strength for a true change, and to find our real selves.
Only like this can we wish that what we have just passed was only an, albeit painful, wake up call.
And that, lesson learnt, we are ready to rejoice once more and wish to everyone

Shanà Tovà.

Roy Zinsenheim


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