It has been a whirlwind week. After just a few short phone calls last week, I hopped in my car and drove to Wellington to begin working for Zadeh NY.

It was a fortuitous start to our working relationship. In one day, two trusted friends in the equestrian world mentioned Catherine’s name as someone looking for marketing help. She was looking for help right away, and I was looking for a new adventure right away. Our worlds aligned. Within days I was en route from Boston to Wellington; my trusty canine co-pilot Pita next to me for the 24 hour drive.

I could tell from our few conversations that Catherine was a strong, vivacious and tenacious person. Thoughts raced through my brain as I zoomed down I-95 - what would she expect from me? What would my days entail? Would our personalities work well together?

This would be a learning experience for me, no matter what. I believe strongly that there is something to be gained from every job, experience and adventure - good or bad, win or lose, you learn regardless of circumstance or outcome. You take away something that will help you in your future endeavors, and hopefully you give back something that enhances those around you.

This is the mentality I’ve embraced as I embark on this journey. I am going to eat, sleep and breath Zadeh NY. Under the beautiful sun-filled skies of southern Florida, I’m excited to use my skills to elevate Zadeh, and cannot wait to see how Zadeh elevates me.

- Siri Dupont-Hurley

Winter office views at Zadeh NY .


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