Let me paint you a picture: a beautiful white federal building, restored to its original glory and boasting 22 classically appointed guest rooms. After a deliriously carefree day of walking on the beach and exploring the shops in Bridgehampton, patrons return to their oasis. They’re greeted by striking works of art - a thought provoking piece of video art by Robert Wilson playing in the lobby, a hanging sculpture by Lee Bull adorning the breezeway between the event space and the barn. On warm summer nights, patrons dine al fresco on the tranquil outdoor patio, their palates tickled pink by Chef Jean Georges Vongerichten’s fare. Topping Rose House is a true respite for mind and body; an escape from the stress and chaos of modern life.

I believe a visionary is someone who sees opportunity where others do not. Christine and Bill Watcher, proprietors of Topping Rose House in Bridgehampton NY, are just that: visionaries. They are experiential architects, curating a blissful experience for their guests unrivaled anywhere else. Through my own narrative and anecdotes from Christine herself, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Topping Rose House, my Hamptons home away from home.

Bill & Christine purchased the property in 2005; the original federal building crumbling in its dilapidation. In a mere decade they have brought to life a property that, in my mind, is the finest luxury lodging the Hamptons has to offer. While very high end, Topping Rose maintains a quaint boutique feel. Renovated to perfection with great attention to detail, respect for the environment and preservation of the property’s historic character. It’s no wonder I fell in love with Topping Rose at first sight!

"I had visions of myself making muffins on Sunday mornings, but of course Bill never thinks on a small scale and what was to be a small renovation turned in a large scale enterprise which has now become Topping Rose House."- Christine

The evolution of Topping Rose House has been a labor of unending love. Bill and Christine have painstakingly seen to each and every detail in and around the property. From the glorious gardens which produce organic fruits and vegetables for their restaurant, to the tastefully curated guest rooms, Topping Rose House is a perfect meeting of old and new, traditional and modern.

"Small towns like Bridehampton don’t always like change. The community has come around to loving what we did here. The architect on the project, Roger Ferris, had a masterful vision of combining old and new. He brought life back to the original federal building which was completely dilapidated, restored the old barn which is now the event space, and built four modern pavilions along with a beautiful event space." -Christine

My relationship with Christine came to fruition through my jewelry. She purchased a pair of ZADEH cuff links for Bill, and then we began running into each other at horse shows - the Hampton Classic and Wellington. At one point Christine suggested doing a ZADEH feature at Topping Rose, saying she knew the jewelry would resonate with the clientele who frequent her establishment. Et voilà: for the past two years Topping Rose has kindly featured two ZADEH showcases behind their front desk.

On paper, a seamless melding of rustic elements and modern luxury is what defines Topping Rose House, and will keep it at the top of Must Stay lists for years. What truly sets it apart is the experience: smiling front desk staff who remember your name and which bicycle you preferred for your ride to town yesterday. The waiter who, after only one night, serves up your libation of choice before you even ask. This attention to detail is manifested directly from Christine and Bill. They live and breath for Topping Rose House, and want only the best for its patrons.

"On any given weekend you will find Bill wandering around the property with a great big smile on his face, knowing that he was blessed to be able to fulfill a life long dream of building and owning a five star hotel and making a difference to a community which he has loved for over 30 years." -Christine

To my home away from home, and to Christine and Bill - I miss you. See you next summer!



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