I have been asked many times “Catherine, how is it you’ve been designing for twenty five years, and virtually no one has covered you yet?” What a question to be asked, but one that deserves a thought out response. I was busy raising my kids... Even though I was raised in France and I think I am a bad ass woman, independent and ambitious, I am very traditional with my values. I always believed that in order to have a fulfilled life, one has to build a strong foundation WITH the people and FOR the people surrounding you. My priorities in life were my children, building a life with my little family, and pursuing the American dream together. So I needed to be free from the responsibilities of a growing business hence most of my business decisions were based around the needs of my family. Any regrets? Not at all, because this ethos has shaped my life and by extension, my designs. My jewelry is a reflection of my lifestyle. When you are a busy mom, when do you have time to change your jewelry? I never played into the importance of labels and brand names. It is my belief that style comes from within. Your attitude, your behavior, the way you treat others. My jewelry was always an extension of my style. To dress extremely simply, like a tomboy, while still looking feminine, classy and chic. I think at the end of the day though, it always came down to attitude. I always believe that one looks great if one is confident and is not looking to others for validation or approval. No one looks good if they don’t feel good. These are the intangible things that my daughters and I, my friends and my patrons value. My clients have discovered me on their own, or through their friends – the power and joy of pure ‘word of mouth’ is something that has been lost in this era of paid editorials, sponsored Facebook posts and hashtags. My clients (and I) love that Zadeh is a secret, exclusive treasure the world has yet to discover. And when they discover what I stand for, they mostly approve and want to emulate it. My jewelry is empowering! So yes, ZADEH is still the small little jewelry company that could...SO WHAT? Motherhood has been the most fulfilling part of my journey so far and I admire all the mothers out there who have aligned sentiments. And the ones who don't...I respect them too...who am I to judge? With love and gratitude, always. Catherine

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