Fashion always comes down to that last accessory. Women are usually preoccupied with which handbag, cuff or cocktail ring they are going to don while walking the bustling streets. A lady wants to leave a lasting impression or capture the gawking eye that is absolutely dying for her Yves Saint Laurent Arty Oval ring. A gentleman however, does not revel in the minor details...until now! Menswear has taken a complete turn nowadays with men looking more dapper all around. The focus is on details of all sorts, the best being men's wrist wear, as it is called. (G-D forbid if we call it "bracelets", not manly enough!) With any turn of the corner, on any side of town, you may see a gentleman unabashedly wearing  several bracelets on his wrist or a cool necklace. Regardless, the gent is sporting jewelry. Our designs are handcrafted with horn or parachute cords mixed with precious metals, bringing the formality of luxury to a level of insouciance simplicity. Our vast assortments are easy to sport and will surely add more presence to a man's look. As Deborah Needleman from the Times Magazine says: " Simplicity is very powerful. Style that lasts is the style that counts." We believe in that motto and thrive to create pieces that are simple, clean and timeless. Alex Romero for CMZ

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