My husband is always complimented on how dapper he is, but this was not the case when we met! I used to beg him to wear a bracelet to which he always responded – “Absolutely NOT!” Today, he can’t live without them. He started with the Brant buffalo horn and slowly added 3 more: the thin and lightweight Cayenne, the San Remo in leather and silver and the Pegasus, a ribbed sterling silver cuff. He never leaves home without them or rather… he never takes them off! When one gets too worn out and needs to be replaced he pesters me with “I feel naked…when can I have a new one?” Nowadays, I believe that most men, even the most reticent ones, are more open to wearing bracelets. They add a hint of personality in their buttoned-up work environments. A lot of men are hesitant because they don’t want to draw attention to themselves, but times have changed. I see it when they make a concerted effort to visit my studio. “My Gentlemen” are indeed in search of unique bracelets, appreciating the understated look of my designs as well as the architectural impression of a few stacked together. So to honor all the Fathers out there, please consider gifting yours a simple and elegant ZADEH bracelet. It will always remind him of your relationship while adding the right touches to his daily uniform, discreetly evoking a hint of his ability to be carefree, and stylish. Try it…he will never be the same!

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