Almost every man is reluctant when I first approach them about wearing a bracelet. My husband being the first one... I have two son-in-law’s now. They are like the sons I never had. They came into my life at a "young" age, both wonderful kids who have grown up to be impressive young men. All the while, exceptional gentlemen. They each had a different background: one Latin raised in Miami, the other English raised in London. But they also had quite a bit in common: They both attended UPenn and became fraternity brothers. They separately met my daughters and fell in love with them. Clearly they had great taste! And they never wore jewelry! Two new boys in the family meant two new wrists…what an agreeable challenge! When I suggested they wear one of my designs they hesitated. I assured them that David my husband had the same reaction when I mentioned it the first time. It didn’t take long to convince them. They were could they refuse the mother of their girlfriends?! So they started with the Cayenne the simplest bracelet, a foundation piece.  "Wow" was their first reaction...a good sign. A few months later I added another one -- a macrame bracelet with a little more substance. No more hesitation...they felt good with it. Then a belt and cufflinks...they were trapped! All the right accessories to make them feel like ZADEH men... I knew the right gifts will make them love me! Soon enough they both proposed to my daughters, 2 weeks apart! Now they were officially part of the ZADEH clan and they needed to wear the Brant, my signature buffalo horn bracelet. To my delight, they were so grateful and gracious when I gave it to them, Isaac donning the straight horn and James, the braided one – they never take them off. The best part is the pride they feel wearing them and their excitement when I offer new pieces. Quite a transformation! All it takes is trying it on. Now they're hooked!

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