It’s hard to deny that we are at a great precipice: as men and women, as a country, as the aggregate elements of humanity itself. It feels at times as though we are in an endlessly cyclical quarrel as to what makes someone: Masculine Feminine Individualist Conformist Patriot Other though at some point we’ll arrive at a neatly packaged, cookie-cutter definition, accepted by all. As though it’s better to fit obligingly within someone else’s preconceived notion of assimilation. This topic du jour reinforces the relevance of ZADEH’s design objective, one which has been crystal clear and irrefutable since day one. Where the behemoths of mass-produced consumerism have conditioned the public to stereotype and define what they buy and wear, ZADEH does the opposite. It defies categorization. Designs by ZADEH are distinct, strong, and unabashedly confident. We strive to unite our wearers through the unique yet universally transcendent language of sophisticated cool. ZADEH jewelry evokes a carefree nonchalance, a fluidity between formal and casual, masculine and feminine, achieved through the unexpected pairing of unorthodox materials: parachute cord coupled with exotic and precious materials. Buffalo horn adorned by diamonds. Staunch vegetable ivory with delicate drops of rose gold. The lines are conspicuously blurred. ZADEH is a breath of fresh air in a market of conformity. Those in the know can immediately recognize a ZADEH piece. A quick glance at a bracelet adorned wrist or pendant draped décolletage on a passerby, followed by a shared knowing smile. Their jewelry is a signal, a “mot de passe,” to a mutual appreciation of that which is inventive. Thought-provoking. Anti-Establishment. Unexpected. Søren Kierkegaard, a Dane widely considered to be the first existential philosopher, famously wrote “Once you label me, you negate me.” A ZADEH man if ever there was one... To help the wearer achieve a level of sophistication and cool chic that he or she doesn’t even know they have. To wear their ZADEH pieces always, never taking them off, radiating happiness while adorned by them. To infuse the world with this joy, one pendant, one bracelet stack, one pair of cufflinks at a time. That is what ZADEH strives for, now and always.

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