This doesn't happen often, specially to a small little designer like me. These are moments when the saying "Fortune happens to the prepared mind" by my friend Louis Pasteur means something and resonates. I have been designing for 20 years and have finally come full circle...well actually the full circle happened last year when I was inducted as a new CFDA member. This is then may be the beginning of a second circle...when an entity such as Barneys recognizes me as a "talent". I am truly honored. I feel accomplished, proud and worthy. I earned this! I worked hard and paid my dues, not always with a smile but also never with a sense of entitlement. I feel blessed that I found a passion, that I have time to dedicate to my art and that I still have the desire to share it with others. It started with being at the right place at the right time...but I am where I am today because I never gave up. So thank you Barneys for thinking out of the box and having the courage to feature small designers like me! Thank you Tom Kalenderian, for welcoming me into your world and seeing what others could not see. And thank you Benjamin Jackson for taking the time to listen to me and for writing such an amazing feature.

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