We've been asked again and again how our bracelets should be stacked. Here are our insights and tips on ways to layer our bracelets. Each stack tells a story and should be a representation of your individual values, ethos, and style. 

Tip #1: Start Small
A Cayenne is the most discreet cord bracelet to start with: it’s simple, humble and the most understated of our designs. Skillfully executed by hand in our NY atelier, the Cayenne parachute cord is a light, waterproof and discreet bracelet, wrapped with three contrasting color knots, the ideal beginner's bracelet.

Cayenne parachute cord bracelet for men

Tip #2: Mix and match by thickness.
The first tip to building an original stack is picking your “piece de resistance” -The main piece that is most eye grabbing. All the other bracelets should complement it and frame it.

Braided horn bracelet white gold with silver cuff stacked


Tip #3: Vary by texture and color
The contrast between size, textures and metal is what makes a bracelet stack interesting. A silver cuff, paired with a leather wrap bracelet makes for an elegant combination. Add a macrame woven cord bracelet or a buffalo horn in rose gold and you get a stronger, more masculine look.
For a discreet look, try bracelets that are similar in color tone, like black, brown and grey. Different textures will keep your stack from looking bland and too uniform. A touch of color is always welcome, especially during the summer when you want your stack to look playful and casual.

Santos in red parachute cord

                                              SANTOS  CAYENNE
Tip #4: Don’t be afraid to pair gold with silver
Pairing white metals like silver, white gold or even platinum with yellow gold is chic and bold. White metals with rose gold also make for a novel and refreshing look. If you have a special and beautiful watch, match the metal of your watch with the metal used in your bracelets. These are all viable options for a timeless and effortless look.

Clou macrame bracelet for men with pegasus ribbed silver cuff



Santos gold macrame bracelet with parachute cord for menSANTOS   ST TROPEZ

leather and gold bracelet for men


Please note, we are not in favor of mixing yellow gold with rose gold —
they clash.

Tip #5: Choose the right fit

We intentionally offer bracelets in half sizes for a perfect fit. Your bracelets should not fall off of your wrist. To get your correct wrist size, measure your wrist circumference just on top of your wrist bone. Don’t add anything extra as we add the slack of 1/2’ on our end. A small wrist measures 7”, a medium, 71/2” and a large 8”. All your bracelets should have the same circumference.

stacked bracelets for men


Brant horn braided bracelet stacked for men

Tip #6: Be open-minded in choosing which wrist to stack.
I am not sure where the trend of stacking bracelets on a watch wrist started. It looks heavy and messy. If you have a special and beautiful watch, or a big dial watch, I suggest to wear it alone.
Introducing a thin cord bracelet next to your watch is a playful addition but don’t layer it with other heavy pieces. That’s what your other wrist is for.


Men's bracelet stacks

If you want some stack inspiration, check out our collection page to see how we pair our favorite pieces together.
We're here to help you find the perfect combination. 

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