I am often asked if is it ok to mix and match gold and silver jewelry.
I always follow my motto which is do as you please as long as you feel comfortable. Even though we have been taught that it is a fashion "faux pas", I think mixing and matching metals depends on your individual style.
Nowadays, with fashion being so forward, it is a fresh and modern look, as long as you combine it in a cohesive way. I wear the Pegasus in silver mixed with my yellow gold San Remo and my white gold and diamond Brant.

So how do you mix and match gold and silver jewelry? Here are my recommendations:
The first tip on how to mix and match gold and silver jewelry is to pick the “piece de resistance” and build around it.
The center piece can be the most eye grabbing piece, be it your gold watch, your pendant or a large diamond wedding ring.
All the other jewelry pieces should complement your center piece with jewelry that are made from the same metal or are complementary in tone.

Zadeh is all about layering and stacking.

So my second tip is to layer your gold and silver jewelry based on texture and size. For a necklace I always choose a substantial center piece on parachute cord and pair it with a drop of diamond on a shorter dainty chain. Chain paired with cord is a cool, novel and original way to express your personality.
For bracelets, I recommend starting with a center piece: it can be our iconic Brant or a down-to-earth macrame bracelet. You can glam it up with a delicate diamond cuff or a double wrap leather bracelet. Heavy bracelets should be layered with thinner and earthy looking ones. The contrast between size, textures and metals is what makes your stack interesting.
Don’t over do it: a single piece with an intricate texture can be worn on its own and be a smart detail to complement your sartorial choice. A simple and understated look allows your inner-self to shine.

My third tip is to avoid wearing too much "bling". Too many diamonds and the diamonds get lost…Each one of your pieces should have one purpose which is to enhance one another. If you wear a substantial diamond ring, let your bracelets and pendants be more understated.

If you have a special and beautiful watch, or a big dial watch, wear it alone. Don’t layer it with other pieces. You have your other wrist for that purpose.

The fourth tip is about the best way to wear rings. When it comes to stacking your rings, keep it again simple. Too many and they all get lost. Each ring is a piece of art and should be displayed as such. Two hands, two sets of rings. Stacking rings is a very interesting way to express yourself and to display your unique sense of style. Layers of plain or textured gold rings, mixed with a row of diamonds or colored stones is beautiful.
If you introduce colored stones on your ring, make it a statement by avoiding the introduction of other colored stones, be it on your bracelets stack or your pendants.

Always remember, less is more.

My last tip is about mixing and matching jewelry is the way to pair metals. Mixing gold with silver is very trendy. Pairing sterling silver, white gold or even platinum with yellow gold is very chic and of the time. The same white color metals mixed with rose gold is also a novel and refreshing way to express yourself. These are all viable options for a timeless and effortless look. Adding a bit of diamonds won’t hurt…it will make your look a bit dressier.

However, I avoid mixing yellow with rose gold.

Mixing and matching gold and silver jewelry can be overwhelming and intimidating. Just don’t be afraid to try few combinations as long as you remember that a soft contrast is a good thing. Avoid introducing too many sets of colors, add texture to your bracelets stack, layer your pendants with shorter and longer pieces that complement each other. There are endless combinations…it’s all up to you.

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