I’ve been designing jewelry for about twenty years. You might expect us to be a huge company by now, in lots of stores all over the world. We’re not. We sell to a very select few high-end (and high-taste) specialty menswear stores, mostly in the US. We sell to our private clients, many of whom have been coming to us for years’ worth of special occasions. And recently, after much prodding from a lot of our clients, we have started popping up at some of the best horse shows in America, getting acquainted with the beautiful and passionate world of jumpers and hunters. We are loving it. We’ve stayed small because I have a relentless need to personally check every single bracelet, every single cufflink, every single ring that leaves my studio. And we’ve stayed small because I love getting to know my clients – I love earning their trust. A client will order a red bracelet, and I’ll ship out a blue one because I know he’ll like it better. I’ll talk to him on the phone about it and digress into world politics or my daughter’s wedding. My jewelers are my family. I’ve been working with the same symphony of New York based artists since I started out. They put up with all my nonsense, they scream and shout when I ask for things last minute; and then we laugh because frankly it’s just jewelry. Their businesses have grown from a small booth on 47th street to large production establishments, and I’m so proud that we are still working together and in each others' lives. Their success is my success. Our top retailers have carried our line for over a decade. The sales associates know all about my life, they know my kids and have seen them grow. They’ve seen my jewelry evolve (a lot) over the years; they are opinionated when they hate or love a design. Some who have been promoted to manager-level still stop by on Artisans’ Day at Barneys to catch up. Over the last year and half, things have been shifting a bit. Sophie my eldest daughter finally gave into my begging and joined my team. We’ve grown in ways I never dreamed would be possible, ways that have allowed us to keep our niche-intimate style, but reach more people, in more places. We have been so inspired by the new direction of our business and have some exciting things in the works – we can’t wait to share with you.

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