Finding the right gifts for your loved ones can be daunting and stressful but it shouldn't be. Remember: when you wear something someone gave you with love, no matter what, you tend to feel joy.
Indeed, our brand comes from the heart. I have always thought of Zadeh as a unisex, multi-generational jewelry brand, offering versatile designs varied enough in price and taste for every age group. We design jewelry to fit any state of mind, lifestyle and budget. Our designs don’t cost more than they should but they never cost less than they are worth. A simple Cayenne bracelet will bring as much joy as a macrame bracelet or a Brant cuff...
We also believe in responsible consumerism: no Black Fridays, no discounts, no state of frenzy over flash deals. I always encourage and practice prioritizing time with family, with friends, with nature…or in solitude.
So what I am basically saying is to slow down, not to rush, and to think carefully about what you really need and where you are in your life.
We hope that our jewelry will be a source of inspiration for your holiday gift giving.
In that spirit, I put together a curated gift giving guide and invite you to browse through. 🍒

 KID >  Because you must start them young :)
 BABY >  Nothing yet...May be a gift card to use when he turns 1?
 TEEN >  Because they'll love it and won't break it!
 DAD >  Make him look young and cool again.
 HUSBAND > Best time for a make over...
 GRANDFATHER  > He will look awesome!
 GRANDMOTHER  > She will look beautiful!
 MOM > Because she is selfless, even when she is annoying.
 WIFE  Because you love her, even when she gets mad...
 GIRLFRIEND >  Doesn't she brings joy to your life?
 BOYFRIEND > Because he is a gentleman.
 FRIEND >  He or she must be a great friend!

If you could not find anything, then you're being very difficult 🤷🏻‍♀️...Joke aside, we understand: we are not for everyone and still appreciate your consideration.

However, if you would like further help, I invite you to schedule a complimentary 15 to 30 minutes video call to discuss all of your needs.
Call us 212 744-2820 or text us 917-331-9809
In the meantime, take a deep breath, enjoy the next few months and join me in expressing gratitude.

Wishing you a meaningful, peaceful and kind holiday season.

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