I recently saw an epic and beautiful movie “Never look away” loosely based on the life of artist Gerhard Richter. The scene where he sat in front of his bare canvases, desperate and depressed, uninspired and at a loss, perfectly captured the state of mind of an artist in search of his truth. Of course, I can deeply relate to this feeling of emptiness. There are many moments when I have self doubt or simply lack creativity. When confronted by these scary moments of inertia, every artist fears that they will never get a new idea. However, after a long stretch of unsatisfactory designs, you are usually hit by a spark of creativity, and you find yourself overcome by a sense of relief and intense euphoria. The flow of ideas pervades your being and makes it all worth it. It's an amazing feeling! Being a designer is an emotional rollercoaster but it allows me to express my truth. Who I was when I started is so different to who I am today and my jewelry reflects that. When I look back, there are times when I say: "What was I thinking?" Today, fortunately, I have come to realize that my perspectives, my approach to ideas and materials is my way to touch and enrich people’s lives. I engage in a dialogue, stimulated by my life experiences and bring to life jewelry that is imbued by it. There have been times when I thought that I should just walk away, that it was just too difficult and leave it all behind, but then I tell myself that this just can't be it! I have been told that I was given a gift, even though I make fun of it. I never thought I was saving the world (one can still dream though), but I have been told that my jewelry is making a difference on an individual level... I'll take that! The joy and satisfaction I have personally felt and seen reflected by my clients have made me realize that my work is in fact impactful and the up's and down's are all worth it. Like Noel Coward says: "Work is more fun than fun." So now, back to work!

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