The Callas is one of the most poignant and meaningful pieces in my collections. It is made by the same artisan who makes our Brant Bracelets. Like myself, he was never a jeweler by trade. He was, of all things, a car mechanic! He has an unbelievable talent, and it all lies in his hands. He can repair, he can create, he can finagle and finesse materials of all kinds into beautiful creations. From imagination to fruition, his talent was vital to the creation of the Callas.

I love the contrast of the blue sapphires against the buffalo horn. It is unusually striking. The diamonds give the pendant a sassy edge, a “wink of bling” on it’s demure facade. The utilitarian beauty of the parachute cord is a perfect accompaniment to the pendant.

The Callas is one of a kind. Worn by itself or paired with a smaller complementary necklace, it is a true statement piece. 

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