The 10th week of WEF is upon us! Catherine and I began our week by taking a field trip to Palm Beach, the actual beach, for a photo shoot. With the recent launch of the Amate Collection, we needed lifestyle shots to complement the studio images we have already.

The beautiful and gracious Louis Raske was our model, and Lucio Landa our photographer. Lucio is an unbelievably talented equestrian photographer, shooting some of the top riders in show jumping. I’ve admired his work for years now; his use of natural light and respect for the equine form is something that can only come from innate talent and feeling. After yesterday I can say his talent is equal whether the canvas is a horse & rider in the ring or a model and ZADEH jewelry on the beach. Lucio is a true artist and a true professional.

Luckily the weather was kind to us and the beach wasn’t too crowded. We arrived in the late afternoon to lay claim to our space and organize ourselves. Sunset is the best time of the day to be shooting, as the natural light is the most flattering and easiest for the photographer to work with.

That said, we had a TON to shoot in a short period of time. Just as quickly as Louisa was dressed in a set of jewelry, she was whisked into another. Catherine was like a design hurricane, with her creative mind whirling away at 100mph. She would look at Louisa being shot at a certain angle and realize the parachute cord straps on the piece she was wearing needed to be shortened. A wrap bracelet all of a sudden became a pendant necklace. A bracelet, just off kilter, required immediate attention. The detail orientation was extreme, and rightly so. You only get one chance at a shoot like this, and we were out to make the best of it.

As a veteran model and having worked with ZADEH before, Louisa was an absolute pro. She knew precisely how to pose to put the jewelry front and center. Both Louisa and Lucio understood that the jewelry was always the focal point of a shot, not the person or the surroundings.

There is something profound about the creation of beautiful photography. When you witness the entire process, with all it’s gritty behind-the-scenes details, you’re granted a greater appreciation for the final form. Whether in a fashion magazine or on a highway billboard, each flawless, consumer facing shot required a tremendous amount of effort. Remember that, the next time you flip through Vogue or Vanity Fair, and give a nod to those behind the scenes.

We were able to see some proofs from Lucio this morning, and all I can say is…WOW. We can’t wait to share them with the world. 


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