That's the reaction I usually get when people find out the gallery is closed on Saturday...let me explain :)

After experimenting with pop-ups in Palm Beach, the Hampton Classic and on Madison Avenue over the past few years, I was able to convince myself, and then my family, that opening a permanent store was the right next step. The universe worked itself out and presented this amazing, beautiful and airy space on Main Street in Southampton; one that I envisioned for years.

David was not so thrilled: "You'll be working 24/7. I'll never see you again...What about Shabbat?"
So I am Jewish, and even though I am not strictly observant, I have celebrated Shabbat since I can remember; in Paris where I grew up and then in America. Friday night was the only night when my children were not allowed to go out, when we as a family would gather and be together. To this day, Shabbat which starts at sunset on Friday night and ends at sunset on Saturday night has been a day of rest, of coming together as a family, and of living in the present. 

So I made a pact with David: "I will always be closed on Shabbat. Out of respect for myself and my values, I will maintain Saturdays as a day of rest." 

I tell you, it's been a challenge. I keep hearing: "How can you be closed on Saturday in Southampton, in the summer???? It's the busiest day!"
I recognize how this could be perceived as a misstep from the perspective of growing my business. But as long as I am the one running my store, I have to put my mental sanity and sense of self above all else, but also to live by my values. 

As my daughter put it: "If you are meant to be successful, it will happen in spite of being closed on Saturdays." So if you stop by my store on a Saturday and find it closed, hopefully now you understand why. Plus, Sunday is better for shopping anyway. See you then!

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