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The Zadeh experience is unparalleled. Within the microcosm of shops here at the Winter Equestrian Festival and the broader macrocosm of retail experiences, visiting Zadeh is both an adventure and an education.

At Zadeh, we do not sell. We share. For Catherine, each of her designs is worthy of, nay, deserves, to be put in the spotlight. As I sit and watch Catherine’s interactions, it’s clear that she is no saleswoman. She is an educator. She is a storyteller. She is a historian.

Often times the conversations begin in the same way: “the pieces you see are made with buffalo horn, parachute cord, and 18k gold.” The foundational information.

Then, the conversation gets richer. Customers zone in on certain pieces that catch their eye. “Ahhh this is beautiful. What kind of wood is that?” Now they’ve begun to engage.

The questions flow freely from our visitors, not surprising given the complexity of the pieces. This is when Catherine’s face begins to glow. She speaks of the materials, the design, and the exclusivity of her work with a passion and vivacity that I’ve never seen. She answers as fully as possible, giving full credit to the story behind each piece. She gently corrects assumptions about types of gold and the sustainability of buffalo horn and the proper way to wear this or that pendant necklace. Occasionally customers will be surprised by her directness. they appreciate her honesty and sass. I see women in particular respond so positively to Catherine’s strength of character. It’s seen as a reflection of themselves or an inspiration, or both.

And you know what? It’s infectious. Customers face begin to light up, catching onto the passion in Catherine’s voice like wildfire. They are drawn in, involved; they become wrapped up in the gravitational pull of Zadeh.

A designer with conviction creates Jewelry with conviction creates customers with conviction.

The art of selling is this: there is no selling. There is sharing, passion, warmth and sentiment.

By Siri Dupont-Hurley

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