He will be very upset to see that I am publishing an “ode” to him. That’s the person that he is. Instead of basking in the adulation, he will reprimand me for talking about him. David, the father of my three girls, is the epitome of humility.

As the girls are now grown up, I constantly hear their stories, when they playfully chat and reminisce.
“Do you remember how Daddy used to wake us up in the morning and we played tricks on him? What about breakfast time when he would always shout: the bus is leaving!!! Or when he dropped us at school walking hand in hand to the Lycée Francais. Or when he taught each one of us how to ride a bike, when he attended every single soccer game, or when he took us to tennis practice leaving mommy to rest, when he traveled 22 times, back and forth to UPenn to settle the three of us in or to bring us back home…”
In their eyes he is super human, the most selfless and generous one…making me wonder where I was all these years!
They are right. I have no words to describe the love and dedication he invested in his girls. I would get annoyed and complain that he was spoiling them, making them entitled…”How will they ever find a match? How would any man measure up?” Disciplining them was not his strong suit, the word "no" missing from his vocabulary.

I remember vividly how every night when they were driving back from Horace Mann, their high school in Riverdale, he would call them to tell them not to worry about parking, that he would be waiting downstairs in the lobby to get the car and park it for them. I was confused, asking them how will they ever learn to be responsible if he did everything for them?

He lives in the now, cherishing every moment he can be with them, always reminding them through his actions that they are and will always be his priorities. Nothing comes close. Their calls are always answered, even during a business meeting, their requests always fulfilled.
David is kind, patient, selfless, the inexorable giver and his girls have nothing but utter respect and love for him. He is the ultimate role model, a solid sounding board not only for them but also for their friends, the adult to go to when their questions went unanswered. Every single man that came close to the girls had to be compared to him. Can you imagine?

To this day, he is the first to text each one in the morning, starting with: “How are you my love?” Hugging them with his voice filled with so much love, this immense love now being bestowed on to Harvey, Hugo and now Mauricio …YES, Chloe had a baby! It’s very hard to keep up with the intensity of love David has in his heart.

It doesn’t hurt that he is also innately stylish and sartorially understated. His girls are proud of him, teasing him about how handsome he is to which he always responds: “Stop it girls, stop it!”
His bracelets are an expression of the unique individual that he is. He is my muse and for as long as I remember I designed with him in mind, knowing that whatever he would wear would be a hit.
I remember his surprise and delight the first time I put the Brant on him and paired it with a second bracelet…now he wears four and when the Brant has to be repaired, he constantly asks when he will get it back. He acknowledges that wearing his stack makes him look youthful and even more approachable, not that he needs it but it’s refreshing to see how he has evolved. The man who swore not to wear jewelry, not even a ring, now has four bracelets!

So the moral of the story is: the bracelet will not make the man, but even if you think the father in your life would never wear a bracelet, trust me a ZADEH bracelet is one he won’t refuse.

Here is a look book to inspire you.

Wishing everyone a meaningful Father's day celebration and thank you for making Zadeh a part of it! 

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