Many of you have asked the story behind our use of parachute cord. It's a good question...
Our designs are purposely crafted for the ultimate comfort so that you never have to, nor would you want to take them off. Most of our pieces are handwoven, in house, by our dedicated team of "petites mains", who expertly weave and assemble each creation.
We used to use the ubiquitous wax cotton cord for its casual and carefree look, but we soon came to realize that the cord was not strong enough, fraying after six months.
Our patrons were not happy, understandably so.
So we set out to find a stronger and more durable cord, one more tolerant of the elements. Our enduring reverence to craftsmanship and originality led us to discover our magical parachute cord: super chic, cool and waterproof ! The cord won't fray and the color won't fade.
Moral of the story: live and learn while striving for excellence. :)
Consider trying one of our macrame bracelets or any of our pendants. Our signature parachute cord is the epitome of effortless elegance.

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