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Sterling Silver Peace bracelet on an adjustable parachute cord.


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This story begins almost 30 years ago in Paris. Caroline was one of my best friends in high school; she was athletic, outgoing, and smart. At 17, she returned from a vacation in Israel—in love. It was the kind of love we all wish for, the kind that makes you crazy. He was “the most beautiful man in the world,” she said, a big time soccer star on the Israeli team.
A few years later, after finishing law school, Caroline made Aliyah. She left her entire life behind, her family, her friends, for this new fairy tale in Israel that had us all a little nervous.
Life seemed good and beautiful. She was happy, but sadly we lost touch.

I moved to the States and about 12 years ago, I get a phone call from her sister: Caroline is not feeling well and could she stay with us while she goes to see a few doctors in New York. We learn that she has Multiple Sclerosis and that it is going to affect her very quickly.

It’s tragic news. She has gotten weak, barely capable of holding anything. She leaves New York, discouraged and sad, hopeless. Her husband is no longer a star, and money is very tight. But proud, beautiful Caroline doesn’t utter a word. She is resigned, but promises to keep in touch.

I had heard through the years that her condition had deteriorated tremendously and whenever I tried to call her, she could barely gather the strength to form words. A few weeks ago, I got a call from her son, Eli. He has just finished his military service in the Israeli army and has been in Florida working 16-hour shifts to earn money. He wants to see me. And yesterday, for the first time, we met.

When I open the door I see this gorgeous boy, shy and so reserved. He barely talks. David and I spend almost the entire evening questioning him about his plans, his dreams, his needs. He has vague plans to go to college when he gets back to Israel, but those plans seem to reside on the backburner as he repeatedly asks to see pictures of his mom from high school. He itches to return to Israel for her.

He rarely smiles. He actually frowns all the time. His forehead is perpetually flexed. I give him three of my peace-sign bracelets, one for him, one for his sister, and one for Caroline; Live and let live is engraved on the inside. When Sophie, my 19 year old, walks into the living room to meet Eli, the huge, oblivious smile on her face makes Eli’s disposition that much more painful. At 22, his whole life has been about taking care of his mom, cooking for her, dressing her, providing for her; in fact, it’s all he knows.

As he waits for the elevator to come, I tell him he should smile more. He reluctantly admits that he worries—constantly. For the past two months, his mom has been alone. He says she can’t afford good help. Then it hit me—the message of peace, of love, of kindness that my bracelet was meant to evoke.

From now on, a large portion of the profits of the sterling silver peace-sign bracelets will go straight to Caroline. I challenge you all to reflect on what you have, to appreciate the beauty in your life by addressing the lack thereof in Caroline’s and Eli’s. I can only hope that the little support we can extend to help Caroline will allow Eli to go to school free of guilt, to enjoy his youth, to live, to smile. Get one for each of your children, for your grandchildren. Get one for your parents, and your grandparents. Buy some for your friends. Spread that message of peace and love as far as you can, and let Caroline’s story serve as a reminder to appreciate what you have and to enjoy it! Wear your peace bracelet all the time so that you don’t take one minute for granted. Look at it and realize that the mere fact that you can hug your children, kiss your husband, even move your fingers to use this computer is a gift. Make sure your children appreciate their life, their luck to not have to worry about you all the time!

These bracelets are about peace. Well, for as long as he can remember, Eli hasn’t experienced the kind of peace of mind that many of us often take for granted. Please help me help him.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this, give yourselves a big hug for me! With all my love, Catherine.

June 2008

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Sterling Silver Peace bracelet on an adjustable parachute cord.