How to wear & sizing
To ensure a proper fit we recommend measuring the circumference of your wrist on top of your little bone. We will add the slack on our end,as certain styles require more slack than others.
Download tape measure
Kids Below 51/2" Wrist
Women's X- Small: Up to 5 1/2" Wrist
Women's Small: Up to 6" Wrist
Women's Medium: Up to 6 1/2" Wrist
Women's Large: Up to 7" Wrist
Men's X-Small: Up to 6 1/2" Wrist
Men's Small: Up to 7" Wrist
Men's Medium: Up to 7 1/2" Wrist
Men's Large: Up to 8" Wrist
Men's X Large: Up to 8 1/2" Wrist
Pegasus gold cuff bracelet Bracelets ZADEH NY
Pegasus gold cuff bracelet Bracelets ZADEH NY
Pegasus Gold
Pegasus Gold

Pegasus Gold


Narrow ribbed cuff bracelet in 18K gold. This cuff is flexible made with handcrafted elements assembled together. A beautiful piece on its own or a complement to one of our macrame woven bracelets. Gender neutral and made in NY.

Made to order. Allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

To ensure a perfect fit, please measure your wrist tight against your skin and enter the measurement below. See for reference.

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