How to wear your parachute cord pendant

- June 15th, 2016 -

Bespoke 1

The Pulley System

Each ZADEH piece radiates an inner beauty. Our pendants, paired with parachute cord, provide understated elegance to a clean, simply chic aesthetic.

Every person has a unique body shape and build. A woman’s décolletage, the space meant to be adorned by Zadeh pendants, can have many forms – curvy or flat, short or lengthy. Our parachute cord pulley system offers the adjustability needed to accent each woman as beautifully as possible.

For example, a woman with a tall, willowy build can lengthen the parachute cord on a ZADEH pendant so that it falls perfectly on her chest, not too high up. A woman with a more compact frame can adjust the pulley to sit higher up, accentuating the proper part of her chest. Ultimate comfort, effortless chic.

In addition to ensuring a perfect fit, the pulley system allows for a versatile aesthetic – wear one end longer than the other, and switch them around the next day. Make ZADEH entirely your own, and never take it off.