Ivory bust in Midtown, Manhattan

- August 6th, 2012 -

After the NYC’s DA clamped down on investigations regarding illegal ivory trade, two midtown jewelers in Manhattan were busted for the largest illegal Ivory trade in New York City history.  In New York State, there is a law that states the trade of ivory can only be done with a “special license” that indicates the ivory pieces were manufactures prior to the 1980s.  The fact that elephants have been placed under the endangered species list as a result of the years of elephant poaching for ivory, made the $2 million illegal trade all the more severe.


And that’s why we make Buffalo Horn bracelets!  Our  bracelets  are often compared to elephant hair bracelets but we are quick to point out that ours are made of  discarded water buffalo horn. They are not endangered species.  WE LOVE ELEPHANTS…


Hand sliced buffalo horn cuff links in 18kt gold.

Zadeh12aBracelets new

Hand sliced buffalo horn bracelets in 18kt gold. You never have to take it off…it will capture a beautiful patina as you wear it, in the shower or the ocean.