50 Shades of Gold

- February 12th, 2016 -


I love gold. The weight and opulence of it; how it can exist beautifully as a centerpiece or as an accent. Gold is the ultimate expression of luxury.

Gold jewelry is an alloy, meaning a mixture of metals. White, yellow, pink and the lesser known green gold are all created by different ratios of pure gold to other metallic compounds.

Yellow gold = Pure gold +silver, copper & zinc

White gold = Pure gold + palladium

Rose gold = pure gold + copper + silver

Green gold = pure gold + silver

The carat designates the ratio of gold to these other compounds. In America, 10k and 14k are most commonly used by jewelry designers. In Europe it’s18k, and in India, where tremendous social value is placed on gold, 22k is most popular. Most designers stick to one type. Here at Zadeh, we have no qualms about using various carats and colors. We see beauty in each.

If you couldn’t tell, I feel very strongly about gold. I treasure its forms equally. Having spent over twenty years styling men and women in jewelry and accessories, incorporating unorthodox materials with gold and other precious stones, I’ve developed a keen eye for what combinations of metals work best together. To me there are instinctive pairings when it comes to gold.

Let me share with you:

White + yellow = gorgeous

White + pink = gorgeous

Yellow + pink = unbecoming 

The integration of yellow and pink gold can be an unharmonious meeting. The two have such strong personalities that they fight against each other, creating chaos. White gold is the ambiguous peacemaker; always complementary. 

These words of wisdom apply to men and women. Whether it be a necklace, bracelet, cufflinks or belt, i always recommend sticking with complementary shades of gold.

This is, of course, just my humble opinion, though I believe it strongly. The next time you’re selecting your accessories for an important meeting or a night out, think of this post. I want you to look and feel your best, always.